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Day 15 – 100 Day Challenge

My video today shows the dinner we had tonight… Ivan prepped the Turkey Taco meat part of it, I did the veggie part of it… and then let Christopher have some veggies before we added in the meat. Christopher is a pescatarian, so we usually let him at the veggies first.. 🙂 If you’d like any of my recipes, I list them in the notes section of our ‘Extending Our Happily Ever After’ facebook page. It’s delicious!


Also, finished up Nurse Jackie tonight and now, just watching some tv and will walk while I do that and wait for Chris to come home from practicing with his community band.

I’ve got some doctor appointments tomorrow and if I can swing it and the weather is nice, I may go for a nice walk. I took the entire day off work, as I had 3 appointments scheduled. If I do, I’ll post a video of where I decide to take that walk.

I’ve got a Toastmasters meeting tomorrow, then, unfortunately, I’m missing the next three meetings. I have some great news and some excitement coming up… The next meeting, we’ll be having a host family meeting because during the month of April, we are going to be hosting two French exchange students! We are very excited! This will be a first for us. Both will be boys and both are 16. Each will be here for a week seperately from the other. The only experience I have with this is that when I was younger, my parents used to host foreign exchange teachers and I believe they were only from Germany. It was a very enriching experience and I really enjoyed their stays with us. I’m very much looking forward to meeting our two students!

It’ll be a very busy time for us all, I’m sure!


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Day 14 – 100 Day Challenge

A beautiful day today! Walked the lake again and today was sunny and gorgeous! Still cold, though, but it felt good to be out in the sunshine! I was able to go with a friend today, which was nice and the walk went by quickly, too! The video posted to Giveit100.com/Cinnamarie1 was just a shot of the lake, I didn’t give any vocals to the video, thought it was too nice to talk, just wanted you all to enjoy the beauty that I did!

Watched a great movie today called Pulling Strings. Well, maybe not “great”, but I enjoyed it… it was a romantic comedy and the lead was handsome, sang well and it was a cute love story and since I’m just such a sap, I always enjoy happy endings, so that’s really all it takes for me to be happy.

Today was basically just a lazy Sunday… after taking my son driving again, I just spent time watching the rest of Season 2 of Showtime’s The Big C (love that show!) and then started watching Season 4 of Nurse Jackie, another favorite of mine and my son’s. We have four more episodes to watch, then we are done with that season, too…. that will be finished tomorrow night, as the only reason I stopped watching it tonight was well… it’s midnight now! LOL

Well, that’s about it, Monday mornings come early and I’m pretty useless at them, so I best get to bed now!

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Day 13 – 100 Day Challenge

A nice day today! Started it off with a walk up at Lake Scranton. Christopher wanted to get a run in… and since I don’t run, I got my walk in. Haven’t walked the lake in a while and it was cold! I bundled up! Two pairs of socks, two gloves, two tops and a scarf! It was 32 degrees out, but once I got going, it was fine! I think I’ll go back out tomorrow. I did call a friend to see if she’d go with me, but I ended up walking by myself. Took my husband’s phone and listened to The Killers, that was pretty upbeat and I had a good pace in. The lake is 3.5 miles around, so it was a good walk. I’ll go tomorrow, as well, and a friend has facebooked me that she’ll come with! Yay! It’s always nice going with a friend, seems that the walk goes quicker!

This photo shows my view of my son, who doesn’t walk with me, but instead runs and usually I never see, but when he’s done, he catches up to me, then runs ahead, then back, then ahead, then back! LOL  This is him way ahead of me.  


Today was also spent spending a bit of drivers training time with my son. He’s 17 1/2 but he’s a busy kid. We had driving time in almost a year ago, then last summer, after my hip replacement, he and I were walking the lake and afterwards, we were both in a car accident. I think that shook him up a bit and he hasn’t driven since. It wasn’t our fault, but seeing that another car can just show up out of the blue when we didn’t see it coming, was quite a scare! I always tell him that you can be as safe as you want out there on the road, but you really have to watch for the other drivers as well. I guess it’s a good thing that #1, we were safe, but #2, he got that lesson early on! Most kids who start driving just are still in that “We are invincible” mode and he really got a jolt of reality. So, maybe a blessing in disguise, ya know? Anyway, he did very well today and we’ll probably go back out there tomorrow for more practice.

Then this evening, Ivan and I got some healthy groceries for the week and picked up ‘About Time’ from Redbox. I loved it… really a good movie!

Well, that’s about it for me, going to get to bed as it’s the time change tonight and I don’t want to lose an hour sleep if I don’t have to! LOL I’ll make sure that I get in early so that even with the time change, I’m able to sleep a full 8 hours!

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Day 6 – 100 Day Challenge

Hi everyone!

I had such fun today!

We left just after 7 am, which got us in the city just after 9:30 am! I had my Amla powder and grabbed some water and a Greek yogurt for the drive… Ivan grabbed some prunes.

That’s about the extent of my healthy eating! Honestly! I wasn’t even going to think about being healthy today, though. I’ve been good and today was about having fun for us. And about enjoying the food!

We picked up my nephew and his girlfriend at the bed-n-breakfast near Times Square and then drove them down to Battery Park to see Lady Liberty (The Statue of Liberty)… Ivan (my hubby) got out with them to show them how to get around the park to where they needed to see her. I drove with my son, Christopher, around to hang out til they were done and then swing back around and pick them up. The parking garage would have been nearly $17 just for an hour! No way, we just hovered and avoided parking cops for a while! LOL

Then, we found a parking garage in Greenwich Village on 12th Street between 6th and 7th that was only $12 for the day! (There is inexpensive parking in NYC if you only look for it!) We walked to Bleecker Street (our fav!) and stopped into Murray’s Cheese Shop for breakfast. Had a Cheese Melt (basically a grilled cheese)… I gave about a 1/4 of it to my son. It was soooo good. He had a risotto ball (I didn’t try it, but he said it was fantastic!). Ivan had a cheese melt, too! Only $3.99! Then, went to Amy’s Breads and got some Baguettinis for later.

Walked up Bleecker (towards 9th Ave) and went in and out of shops, then stopped in David’s Tea. I had the Saigon Chai (very good and spicy!) for $4, Christopher had the Organic Breakfast with Darjeeling and said it was very good, as well! More shops, in and out…

Eventually, we ended up at the High Line… one of our favorite destinations in NYC! Such a beautiful park… although, at this time of year, it’s a bit desolate looking. However, it’s still a nice way to see the city. Today, honestly, was one of the nicest days in a while… It was chilly, but seriously? It could have been alot worse! It has been super bitter lately and the weather wasn’t at all bad today. The sun was out, the wind was fairly tame. It was bearable! Thank God! With the upcoming storm, who knows what tomorrow will be like or Monday… but today was actually quite nice to walk around the city!


We walked from one end to the other of the High Line, then back to the top of Chelsea Market and then down to the Market itself. Once there, we just went in and out of most of the shops. Also, grabbing a few items along the way. Some candies… but just $1.63 worth of chocolates that Ivan and I shared! I think that is GOOD! Things like Bacon Toffee with Chocolate, or Coconut, Curry Cashews, etc… little bits, just to try! I mean, we had to try! Then in the grocery store there, I finally found some carrot juice, so I bought a bottle of that and Ivan and I shared it. Sweet and very good! Then in the restaurant supply store, I got an orange peeler… just like the one Tupperware sells, although I can’t find mine, so I needed another. We ended up at The Lobster Place and ordered lunch. Christopher and I got the Lobster Rolls and split an order of fries (he had more than half) and he got a nutella cookie (I didn’t). Ivan got the fish and chips. Nephew and his girlfriend split the fresh, steamed lobster and also had some sashimi. Everything was AMAZING and definitely worth the trip! Our lunch was just under $60. A splurge, for sure, but definitely a rarity for us.


Then, we went into another shop and there was this yogurt place in the back (forgot name)… and he sold a probiotic lemonade. Made with whey. Well, I only had my greek yogurt in the morning, so I needed another probiotic, so I ordered it. Well, Ivan and I were ok with it, no one else liked it! LOL And, we honestly didn’t finish it, boy, was it strong!


There is this shop in there that sells Olive Oils and Vinegars… there is this Cinnamon Pear Balsamic that was AMAZING… 200 ml was about $9. We didn’t get any, but we are headed back in April and maybe then… It may call to me in my dreams! Super good. There was a blurb on it that it’s Whoopie Goldberg’s favorite…. (really? Who knows?)

Some cupcake shop on the way out had a chocolate ganache cupcake (small) and I got two, cut both in half and we all tried it.. it had a vanilla buttercream center. Very good! Quick stop into Dickson’s farmstand meats for some smoked ham (for those baguettini’s)… then we were done, it’s about time, right? LOL

I was still yearning for my Crumbs cupcake and hadn’t had it yet…

We headed back to our car to grab my son’s clothes, as we were dropping him off with his dad, who was to meet us in Grand Central. He’s coming home tomorrow (hopefully before it snows)…

So, once we got his bag, we then walked to Union Square to catch the 4 train… Ivan was exhausted, and it was a bit of a hike… Once there, there is a Crumbs bakery just outside. Got my cupcake! It was a Thin Mint Girl Scout cupcake! Chris got one, too. Got Ivan a Carrot one and nephew got a Thin Mint one, too.


back into Grand Central for some last photos and a few hugs. Son with his dad, nephew and his girlfriend off to their next excursion, then Ivan and I heading back to subway to then make last trek to our car. Back to Union Square and a few (literally, about 4) turns back and forth before we were finally headed in the right direction to our car.

We ended up in Tortoria for some chips and guacamole (O-M-G!) Seriously? Best guacamole I have EVER had! Sooooooo good! Literally an impromptu stop because we were looking to use a bathroom before the drive home! Delicious!

Got the car, got on the road… stopped into our favorite healthy grocery store, Fairway in Woodland Park, NJ on the way home… where I got a HUGE bottle of water 1.5 L and some more carrot juice (yay!) and Ivan got some coffee (which is a standard treat for him when we go there).

Got home around 9 pm, which wasn’t bad at all!

Note about day… had alot of fun and realized that if we hadn’t of lost the weight we had and changed our lives for the healthier, there is no way we’d have been able to enjoy a day like today. I was nearly immobile in March of 2012, when I literally could not stand more than 5 minutes! I couldn’t do a shopping trip in Walmart without having to sit down to rest and today, I didn’t need to sit down ONCE! Then with my new hip (I had a hip replacement surgery last May), it’s amazing that I’m walking like I never had a problem, ever! Today was a gift for us both… one that we gave to ourselves… so, with that said… We were grateful for today. It was a blessing! Then, to wrap up our thoughts, spending the day with my nephew and his lovely girlfriend was a treat. They were personable and we all got along so well. We truly enjoyed their company all day and can’t wait to see them again!

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Day 3 – 100 Day Challenge

Today went well… I ate ALOT.

Amla powder in the morning (Ayurvedic), then lemon water (17 DD), got to work, then some greek yogurt with some cinnamon, green tea (decaf), an apple, a carrot with a bit of mint chutney, a decaf mint tea, some salad (just greens and very little dressing), lunch was a bit of chicken with some roasted vegetables and a decaf green tea, another apple, a hard boiled egg, greek yogurt, then dinner was an egg white scramble with green beans, spinach and onion and a decaf green tea… having triphala powder before bed. Of course, water throughout.

I walked four miles with Leslie Sansone DVD tonight after work.

I was STUFFED, seemed like all I did was eat today… even though it was hardly any calories at all, it was just alot… so I’ll be scaling back tomorrow and just not eating as much.

This morning, scale showed 234. That’s 6 lbs down since Monday… however, I was 231.8 last Friday, but on Sunday, I cheated big time… and on Monday, that showed up on the scale as 240. I did not eat nearly 9 lbs of food, but I do tend to retain alot when I go off plan.

So, now there is what I did wrong on Sunday and any leftover retention that may be still there. Not sure…

There is a weight loss challenge at my job going on… Called the Slim to Win Challenge. I have 5 more weigh ins for that. First weigh in, I gained .4 lb This Friday, who knows. I started off at 231.4 and Friday was 231.8 and now? Maybe up 3 lbs, but I’m trying to get back down…

I’ve been perfect with my food since Monday morning.

Now, Saturday, we are headed into NYC for the day. I was planning on cheating, but I was also planning on walking, which is what we always do when we go there… so I’m not sure how bad it will be, we usually walk miles. I’m hoping it’ll balance out. We are headed there to visit with my nephew, whom I’ve not met before. He and his g/f are out from London! So excited to finally meet him and yet another member of my husband’s family!

I’ll post a few pics after the weekend, look for them on this site!

On other news, I’m about to look for new pants! My 18’s are way too big for me, my 16’s fit perfectly and my 14’s are snug but fit pretty well, if I keep my tops loose over them! LOL Only thing is, I only own one pair of 16’s and one pair of 14’s and they are odd color, so I need a black and maybe a brown pair to wear at work.

https://www.facebook.com/ExtendingOurHappilyEverAfter is my facebook page, if you’d like to keep up with me on facebook, too!  

http://www.giveit100.com is my video site to go along with my 100 Day Challenge

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Getting back to exercise!

I have been maintaining, thank God! But, I haven’t been losing. It’s been all me, though… not keeping up with the diet, not keeping up with the exercise. Fall is the busiest time of the year for me. Chris is back in school and all the running around and then I did get sick and with me that’s usually (and it was) a respiratory thing, so the breathing is usually an issue… but I’m starting to feel better, so I’m back to feeling like I need to reunite with Leslie Sansone and make her a habit in my life again!

I still get the daily compliments at work (God bless them!) which is so nice to hear! My girlfriend, the one who placed second to me last year in the Turkey Buster challenge, a work weightloss competition, suggested we get that going again… so I emailed our health and safety committee and suggested they start that up, so hopefully they will and that friendly competition will be exactly what I need to really get me going again! Nothing like going at it head to head again to get me to lose 20 lbs or so! I am only 50-60 lbs from my goal, so that would be excellant!

All the stuff with my hip replacement and the car accident finally hit here financially for me, too, so I’ve been under some stress and decided to take on a 3rd job (in addition to my day job of working at UPS and my 2nd job of selling Avon). I started selling Azuli Skye jewelry. It’s another independent situation similar to Avon, where I’m my own boss (I love those type of jobs) and as I have a huge passion for jewelry, it’s a good fit so far. I get free jewelry, in addition to the money to help out with the bills, and all for just showing off the jewelry, which is awesome and going to parties! That’s not a bad gig… so, it’s doing well, so far and I’m able to start paying off the bills, which is lessening the stress for me, which is always a good thing!

So, needless to say, I’ve been busy, not just sitting on my butt not doing anything, which is probably why I’m not gaining weight, yay! But, I can’t wait to get back to losing and doing the 4-5 days a week of walking with Leslie… I felt so much toner then, and I need that now!

How is everyone else doing?

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Switched things up and it’s working!

Whew! I’m relaxing a bit. Trying to find what works for my body. I actually went back to Cycle 1 this past week and decided to LISTEN to what it said about the 17 minutes of exercise (sort of). What I was doing was exercising ALOT… thinking, burn it off, I’ll lose more… and well, maybe I was, but it wasn’t showing up on the scale for me. I know, I know, stop looking at that darn scale! I know I’ll have alot of you thinking that. Especially when I was fitting into new clothes up top (only up top, really) and getting compliments daily… still. BUT, for a daily weigher, it was driving me crazy. So, ever since I heard about that magazine article, I had to do something, because now I have a deadline and I seriously WANT that article!

So, at my place of employment, we have an indoor walking path (mostly due to living in the Northeast and the BITTER cold outdoors necessitating one)… anyway, it involved two floors and two sets of stairs… so even though the idea of walking at work and SWEATING, which isn’t something I ever really wanted to do THERE… I decided, I was going to do it, to ramp up my exercise for this article… and I started up with it. Well, for two days, I was doing that AND then going home and doing my Leslie Sansone walking videos (3 miles) and after 2 days, I really couldn’t walk! So, I re-thought my strategy, and decided, nope… two 15 minute breaks was really enough, especially if I FELT the workout… and an evening off was probably going to be really healthy for my body to recharge itself… and that’s what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve been getting to bed earlier, as well… Drinking lots of water, staying on track with my food, not straying and being consistent. I even took a rest day yesterday and today, I’ll grab a Leslie tape and do a 4 mile workout, just to get a good cardio in, but not do it too late in the day, so I can rest my body. My plan is to do this for the rest of the cycle, then when I add carbs in Cycle 2, ramp up my exercise with my Leslie tapes… but only maybe add in 1 or 2 miles in the afternoons, not much more… and see what that does… and stay consistent… and REST and get that sleep in.

I am going to see what happens.

I’m also going to stretch and use weights in the morning just to get some toning in… although I feel the toning in my legs BIG TIME!

On another note, I was asked to do a fashion show on the 16th of March for a retail store. Just a simple thing, nothing big… but new to me and thought it’d be fun. I went in yesterday and picked out my two outfits to model! How cool is that? If I can take any photos, I’m going to and I’ll post them here. I’m one of 40, so seriously, it’s not a big deal… just something for fun… but it’s a fundraiser for a local place for women and their babies… so it’s a good cause, which is great!

I also went to Goodwill yesterday to find new pants, as mine were getting pretty loose on me and found 2 pair for only 3.99 each! How cool is that? Nice ones for work! And several tops, too. I’m getting quite the stylish wardrobe! I hate pant shopping, but I really took the time to be patient and it paid off… if I pick a day where my patience is not worn thin, I can actually find some pretty good deals there! Perfect for when you are slimming down and don’t want to spend alot of money on the clothes you won’t be wearing too long!