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Day 18 – 100 Day Challenge

Took the day off… slept in til 11:30! I loved that! It was a very windy, cold, blustery day and I woke up feeling congested and just sleepy!

It felt very good catching up on some sleep. Then just hung out with hubby and watched some tv. We found a good BBC show called Paradox to watch… unfortunately, it only ran one season. I’m not sure why, as it was very good! We finished it.

Dinner tonight was very thin ground beef steaks and some roasted vegetables. I’m donating plasma again tomorrow after work and wanted to make sure that I didn’t have a problem with my iron… which I almost always do, but hoping that I make their requirements. I just barely scraped by on Tuesday, so here’s hoping!

Well, I’m still a bit run down, so headed to bed again today, early… Well, 10 pm is fairly early for me, so I should feel pretty good tomorrow.

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Day 7 – 100 Day Challenge

Today, I actually didn’t jump right back into diet mode like I wanted to. I will tomorrow, though.

I woke up like a zombie! Yesterday was way more exhausting than I thought! I woke up around 10 am, actually… and I did get in my Amla powder, but forgot the lemon water and then I got in my prunes, but then just nothing else for a few hours and when hunger sets in, that really is the worst thing that can happen to me. Carbs hit me after that and heavily. It was ease of being out and shopping and not planning, which has always been my detriment.

We went to Walmart to get a bit of shopping in, then I went out to Sears to pick up a Spring raincoat. Last Friday night, I had hit up JCP to find something for the city. I wanted to see what they had in the way of coats, as the only thing I had was super big. I found Ivan a coat for $40 and my son some sweats, but they really were picked over in the women’s department and I found nothing. So, then I went to Sears and I scored two coats. One was a nice, hooded electric blue one (worn in the pic from yesterday, that I wore in the city) and another black one, no hood. Both for $15 each! Great buy! But, I left there and thought that I really should have gotten a raincoat, too. So, today I went back and picked one up, however they only had two to choose from, one black and one maroon, which I felt were more fall/winter colors and the one that was more spring-like was not on sale for $15, but still on sale, but for $40, marked down from $100… two colors I liked were hot pink or turquoise blue. White wasn’t me, again, black, well, I wear alot of black… so, I went with the turquoise blue one. I’m not that into pink, but if they didn’t have the blue, I’d have gotten it. I wanted bright and bright I got. So, now I’m set. Shouldn’t need another coat for YEARS!

Anyway, then we went to Sams Club and that’s where I got a slice of pepperoni pizza. Also, got more vegetables and stuff for the week. Bought some probiotic pills, too… On days I don’t eat my greek yogurt or have a liquids day.

Headed over to Goodwill after that. I am looking for pants for work and sometimes I find something there. I’ve found so many tops there throughout my weight loss that have saved me so much money and we have been blessed with some great Goodwill stores in our area and I have found some amazing bargains and even clothes with tags on them! Today, I did find a pair of pants and a purple sweater. The pants are still snug in the waist, but the fit everywhere else is perfect, so it’ll be just a bit longer til I can wear them, but I bought them anyway, what a steal at only $3.99 and the top was only .99!

Then it was over to the library to pick up Season 2 of Clatterford. Finally home. Dinner was Turkey Meatballs, but we did do a bit of pasta with it. So, tomorrow, I’m back on track, as today I didn’t have much vegetables and only a bit of fruit and only one green tea and one probiotic.

Also, I didn’t get in any exercise except the walking I did while shopping, which was minimal! LOL

Wasn’t able to upload a video today, but will get in two tomorrow to http://www.giveit100.com/Cinnamarie1

We were due a huge storm tomorrow that turned out to be a miss for us. I do believe it will hit points south of us, but we are being spared. I guess, thank goodness? I really was hoping to have the day off! LOL Now, I’m going in to work, I suppose. Drats!

Oh well, I do tend to stay on plan food-wise at work MUCH better than I do here at home. So, I guess it’s a good thing!