Extending Our Happily Ever After

"We do! Now let's live healthy and fit!"


Stress is in this house…

Well, hard to keep a blog going when you are finalizing three lives in a state that you’ve called your home for over eleven years.
I moved to the East Coast over eighteen years ago when I discovered I was pregnant. My son’s father lived out here. Leaving my family in Southern California was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.
Now, my son graduates in a couple of weeks and my parents need me back home. So, we have been preparing for the past two years mentally, but only physically in the last seven months or so. It is exhausting!
To wrap things up is hard enough. To do it when your only child is graduating high school is insane.
Our stress levels are through the roof and we are all dealing with it in our own different ways. Arguments happen when they haven’t before, from all of us being on edge. Tears seem to be at the ready for me from time to time when I last expect them. Diets have been thrown out the window, when comfort eating seems to calm the soul. Headaches come a bit easier, so keep the Tylenol ready.
I am giving things away and selling things I have had forever for $1.
My child is young and even though he chose his own future, he is torn up with thoughts of leaving his childhood friends behind. There is nothing my husband or I can say that will ease this natural transition in life that all kids go through when they go from high school to college. He will understand in a year, he just doesn’t understand it now.
I have six work days left. I have left friends in other states before. I have many friends that I have kept in contact with, yet I know that it takes two… So, I know that I will lose friends with this move. It is part of life. It is the friends that keep in touch that were meant to be in your life. For that, I am grateful for my moves… It has given me that bit of eye-opening… True friendship is a wonderful thing!
I am excited about our journey across this beautiful country and can’t wait to reunite with my mother, father and brother.
If we can just get through these next few weeks!