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Day 7 – 100 Day Challenge

Today, I actually didn’t jump right back into diet mode like I wanted to. I will tomorrow, though.

I woke up like a zombie! Yesterday was way more exhausting than I thought! I woke up around 10 am, actually… and I did get in my Amla powder, but forgot the lemon water and then I got in my prunes, but then just nothing else for a few hours and when hunger sets in, that really is the worst thing that can happen to me. Carbs hit me after that and heavily. It was ease of being out and shopping and not planning, which has always been my detriment.

We went to Walmart to get a bit of shopping in, then I went out to Sears to pick up a Spring raincoat. Last Friday night, I had hit up JCP to find something for the city. I wanted to see what they had in the way of coats, as the only thing I had was super big. I found Ivan a coat for $40 and my son some sweats, but they really were picked over in the women’s department and I found nothing. So, then I went to Sears and I scored two coats. One was a nice, hooded electric blue one (worn in the pic from yesterday, that I wore in the city) and another black one, no hood. Both for $15 each! Great buy! But, I left there and thought that I really should have gotten a raincoat, too. So, today I went back and picked one up, however they only had two to choose from, one black and one maroon, which I felt were more fall/winter colors and the one that was more spring-like was not on sale for $15, but still on sale, but for $40, marked down from $100… two colors I liked were hot pink or turquoise blue. White wasn’t me, again, black, well, I wear alot of black… so, I went with the turquoise blue one. I’m not that into pink, but if they didn’t have the blue, I’d have gotten it. I wanted bright and bright I got. So, now I’m set. Shouldn’t need another coat for YEARS!

Anyway, then we went to Sams Club and that’s where I got a slice of pepperoni pizza. Also, got more vegetables and stuff for the week. Bought some probiotic pills, too… On days I don’t eat my greek yogurt or have a liquids day.

Headed over to Goodwill after that. I am looking for pants for work and sometimes I find something there. I’ve found so many tops there throughout my weight loss that have saved me so much money and we have been blessed with some great Goodwill stores in our area and I have found some amazing bargains and even clothes with tags on them! Today, I did find a pair of pants and a purple sweater. The pants are still snug in the waist, but the fit everywhere else is perfect, so it’ll be just a bit longer til I can wear them, but I bought them anyway, what a steal at only $3.99 and the top was only .99!

Then it was over to the library to pick up Season 2 of Clatterford. Finally home. Dinner was Turkey Meatballs, but we did do a bit of pasta with it. So, tomorrow, I’m back on track, as today I didn’t have much vegetables and only a bit of fruit and only one green tea and one probiotic.

Also, I didn’t get in any exercise except the walking I did while shopping, which was minimal! LOL

Wasn’t able to upload a video today, but will get in two tomorrow to http://www.giveit100.com/Cinnamarie1

We were due a huge storm tomorrow that turned out to be a miss for us. I do believe it will hit points south of us, but we are being spared. I guess, thank goodness? I really was hoping to have the day off! LOL Now, I’m going in to work, I suppose. Drats!

Oh well, I do tend to stay on plan food-wise at work MUCH better than I do here at home. So, I guess it’s a good thing!

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Switched things up and it’s working!

Whew! I’m relaxing a bit. Trying to find what works for my body. I actually went back to Cycle 1 this past week and decided to LISTEN to what it said about the 17 minutes of exercise (sort of). What I was doing was exercising ALOT… thinking, burn it off, I’ll lose more… and well, maybe I was, but it wasn’t showing up on the scale for me. I know, I know, stop looking at that darn scale! I know I’ll have alot of you thinking that. Especially when I was fitting into new clothes up top (only up top, really) and getting compliments daily… still. BUT, for a daily weigher, it was driving me crazy. So, ever since I heard about that magazine article, I had to do something, because now I have a deadline and I seriously WANT that article!

So, at my place of employment, we have an indoor walking path (mostly due to living in the Northeast and the BITTER cold outdoors necessitating one)… anyway, it involved two floors and two sets of stairs… so even though the idea of walking at work and SWEATING, which isn’t something I ever really wanted to do THERE… I decided, I was going to do it, to ramp up my exercise for this article… and I started up with it. Well, for two days, I was doing that AND then going home and doing my Leslie Sansone walking videos (3 miles) and after 2 days, I really couldn’t walk! So, I re-thought my strategy, and decided, nope… two 15 minute breaks was really enough, especially if I FELT the workout… and an evening off was probably going to be really healthy for my body to recharge itself… and that’s what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve been getting to bed earlier, as well… Drinking lots of water, staying on track with my food, not straying and being consistent. I even took a rest day yesterday and today, I’ll grab a Leslie tape and do a 4 mile workout, just to get a good cardio in, but not do it too late in the day, so I can rest my body. My plan is to do this for the rest of the cycle, then when I add carbs in Cycle 2, ramp up my exercise with my Leslie tapes… but only maybe add in 1 or 2 miles in the afternoons, not much more… and see what that does… and stay consistent… and REST and get that sleep in.

I am going to see what happens.

I’m also going to stretch and use weights in the morning just to get some toning in… although I feel the toning in my legs BIG TIME!

On another note, I was asked to do a fashion show on the 16th of March for a retail store. Just a simple thing, nothing big… but new to me and thought it’d be fun. I went in yesterday and picked out my two outfits to model! How cool is that? If I can take any photos, I’m going to and I’ll post them here. I’m one of 40, so seriously, it’s not a big deal… just something for fun… but it’s a fundraiser for a local place for women and their babies… so it’s a good cause, which is great!

I also went to Goodwill yesterday to find new pants, as mine were getting pretty loose on me and found 2 pair for only 3.99 each! How cool is that? Nice ones for work! And several tops, too. I’m getting quite the stylish wardrobe! I hate pant shopping, but I really took the time to be patient and it paid off… if I pick a day where my patience is not worn thin, I can actually find some pretty good deals there! Perfect for when you are slimming down and don’t want to spend alot of money on the clothes you won’t be wearing too long! 


Ivan and I have hit 200.5 lbs lost between us!

We’ve lost 200.5 lbs as of today!

As of today, Ivan is down 70 lbs (still trying to catch up to his 73 lbs lost, he’s almost there…) and I am down 130.5 lbs.

01252013 down 200 and a half

We celebrated by going out to our favorite Indian buffet. I was a bit disappointed that almost all their vegetarian offerings had potatoes… but still, we did enjoy the foods. I love potatoes, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy that usually when we go, we get lots of just veggie offerings that don’t have tons of carbs for me to watch for. But, it was a treat and we’ve been so good. I didn’t overdo on the rice or the naan, so I am fairly sure that today was still very healthy for us, and I know that Indian spices are so very healthy and good for you… so I know that always makes me feel so much better as well.

We are just relaxing a bit here at home, and will head out in about 15 minutes to beat some snow that may come down, as we have to make a drive north to see my son perform at a District Band concert. Districts is where he auditions to hold a position that only a few in surrounding schools get the honor of being chosen to perform in. So, this is quite exciting. He chose to go in with a baritone horn, as his normal instrument of trumpet had a bit too much competition and I guess that strategy paid off, since he made the cut. So, we are headed up to see the concert. He went up on Wednesday and has been there for the past few days and it’s all been sponsored by the school (room and travel/food), which is pretty cool. He really enjoys being so immersed in music like that, so I know it’s a great experience for him. I’m very eager to see the concert tonight and bring him back home.


It’s been a slow’ish week for exercise for me, as I feel I’ve been fighting a cold. Even though I’ve still been losing a bit of weight. I’ve only been walking 1-2 miles a night and just keeping on top of the food, really. Getting lots of rest as well. As soon as the concert is over tonight, my son goes straight into performing 2 live shows this weekend of Les Mis’. We’ve been super busy and it’s been so hard trying to fit all of it in, but I’m trying to do it all.

I know that there are alot of us out there that juggle family life and our own personal goals and then in the bitter of winter (and this past week here in the Northeast, it’s been SUPER BITTER), it’s hard to do all of it and not get sick on top of it all… but it is still important to try to keep up with all of it. I am still very focused on my weight loss goals and I do get the fitness in. I am dialing back the 4 and 5 mile workouts to 1 and 2 miles when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, but at least I’m still keeping up with it. I know it’s helping my immune system from having me literally falling into bed and not able to get up, like I was last winter before I started my journey. Last winter, I had walking pneumonia, followed by a sinus infection, followed by a throat infection. I was sick for 3 months solid…

This little cough thing? This is the only bit of sick I’ve been since I started my journey. I can manage this. At least, I hope and pray this is all I have to manage! LOL

LOL I just sort of re-read this… I must be just a bit sick… this post is sort of all over the place… forgive me. And, I’ll try to post a pic of my son with us from the concert a bit later (a bit blurry, but we got someone else to take the photo for us, oh well)… Thanks everyone for following my journey!