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Day 5 – 100 Day Challenge

Weigh in at work today… lost .6 of a pound! 231.2 lbs LOL Oh well… but I did have a great week! I’m very hopeful for next week’s weigh in!

Today was a great day for food… Amla powder, lemon water, Greek yogurt and green tea, 1/2 grapefruit, small salad (just greens) with a bit of balsamic, broccoli/tomatoes and hard boiled egg and green tea, 1/2 grapefruit, light baby bel cheese, 1 carrot with mint chutney, light activia yogurt, salmon and green beans with green tea for dinner and triphala powder before bed.

I only walked a bit, maybe 15 minutes and not to a tape, just while waiting for dinner.

Tonight was a rushed night… as we stopped by the mall after work to look for coats. We are headed into NYC tomorrow to visit family visiting in from London. It’s so bitter cold out that we needed something warm to wear. I have coats that are way too big on me and haven’t been able to find anything since I’ve lost weight.

At JCP, I didn’t find anything for myself, but we found a coat for Ivan. He got it in XL! That was great for him! Got him a scarf and a hat as well. Got my son some sweats, he has a coat already. Then, we went over to Sears… I found one jacket and one coat… both for only $15 a piece! What a steal! I love end of season sales!

I’ve got my battery charging for my camera for tomorrow… just blogging before I head to bed, then it’s an early start, as it’s about 2 1/2 hour drive in to the big apple! I’m soooo excited! We will be going off diet for tomorrow, but we will be walking quite alot, as well! My biggest splurge will be a cupcake from Crumbs bakery, and since I’ve been craving chocolate, I’m sure it’ll be one with chocolate in it! My last big cheat day was middle of January, so this will be a treat! Then, it’s back on plan and focus, focus, focus!

Talk to you all tomorrow to let you know how our day went!