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Day 1 – 100 Day Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to a 100 Day Challenge… Lose weight, blog more and work on getting the rest of this weight off. Basically, I had lost 151.5 lbs… dropping from 380 lbs down to 228.5 lbs… but then I stopped and couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. I was exercising regularly… seemed to have my food under control and nothing was happening.

I got complacent and started easing from the exercising so much. From there, it was a slippery slope… and then the holidays hit. I had gained back 32.5 lbs!

Well, on January 2nd, I decided to focus again and since then, I’ve lost 30 lbs and I feel great! However, I’m just about where I was before and guess what? I’ve hit that same wall! Grrr!

So, now, I’m taking up this challenge. I’m also trying a few new things. I’m amping up the amount of vegetables in my diet. I’m getting back to the exercise and trying to keep up with it. I’m even trying Ayurvedic medicine and seeing where that takes me. It’s all natural and I’ve already delved into bits of it… Triphala and a detox tea (fennel seeds, coriander seeds and cumin seeds boiled with water, strained and drink the water throughout the day)… now I’m adding mint and amla in the mornings. Just little tweaks.

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See you tomorrow!