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Iowan hospitality!


We are at the Nelson Park in Dow City, Iowa currently.


Friends of ours that we have known via an online word game called Acrophobia for about 16 years now live near here. Ivan and I met playing that same word game. We pulled into their very small town of about 1,200 population yesterday (Dunlap, Iowa) and it was like stepping into the past. Stores shut down, due to it being Sunday. The nearest Wal-Mart is 18 miles away in Dennisen, Iowa.
Our friends, Veronica and Marty, invited us into their home after our travels… By the way… What a beautiful state Iowa is! The rolling hills are lovely! The wind turbines are mesmerizing, as well. And huge!


Veronica made us a lovely fried chicken meal with mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet, locally grown corn. Delicious!


I feel like she is part of my family, I have known her so long! We were offered to do our laundry, which was much appreciated! We talked till our eyes couldn’t stay open.
This morning, back at our campsite, we decided to take a quick morning walk to check out our surroundings. Found the prairie trail…





We are going back to Veronica and Marty’s today to hang out and relax. She is inviting her children over to dinner tonight for a great meal and we will head to Sioux Falls, SD tomorrow.
Christopher and I woke up with sore throats this morning, but hope to stay on top of that. Ivan is still sick, so we are sure he is the one who graciously shared his sickness with us. Need to get meds on way up to SD tomorrow.
Having a great time here in the heartland of America!

Author: PennSmiths

We are Marie, 49, and Ivan,58. We used to live on the East Coast and are now living in Southern California. Marie grew up in Southern California and Ivan was born and raised in Kent, England. We met while playing a word game online and Ivan hopped over the pond to marry me. He says that he would have moved to the moon if that was where I resided! We plan on traveling out our days together when we retire... in an RV, but that won't be happening for a while. I have an amazing son, Christopher and he makes me so proud! Our site is www.extendingourhappilyeverafter.com

2 thoughts on “Iowan hospitality!

  1. Sounds like aome great folks that you have connect with in Iowa:) By the way Marie, you look wonderful!!! Congratulations!

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