Extending Our Happily Ever After

"We do! Now let's live healthy and fit!"

Our Plans – We Can’t Wait to Get Started!


Lots of plans and they basically started with our weight loss! March 2012, we took a look at ourselves and decided that we wanted to live longer and healthier lives. We started the 17 Day Diet and then about 34 lbs later, I started exercising and today, we are over 150 lbs lighter between us… I’ll have an exact figure on Monday when we are both getting back into gear with the diet and the fitness, as we’ve both been a little slack with it lately.

When we lost the weight (at one point, near 200 lbs between us), I had hopes (still do) of writing a book, I had started a blog and also a facebook page and called it Extending Our Happily Ever After (thought the title just FIT perfectly with our situation!). http://www.extendingourhappilyeverafter.com and I even started writing the book, but then work and life got in the way and it got moved to the back burner.

Then we’ve both been busy doing our daily lives, as does just about everyone. We all seem to get up, go to work and come home exhausted. Isn’t that what you do, too? Aren’t you tired of it? Well, so are we! LOL Plus, my son is 17 and going into his senior year of high school, which is a very busy time for us, so we have that going on as well, with college visits and then thinking of which college to go to and which major to pick. Lots of decisions!

In the middle of all of this, my husband’s company decided to close up shop and move it’s workforce to China. Luckily for us, they gave us notice. So, his last day will be the end of September. Like a growing number of people living in America, we struggle with finances and we live paycheck to paycheck. Add to that my hip replacement last year and my car accident only 6 weeks later and well, it’s not been easy.

I’ve written about this before, but another goal of mine, a bigger goal of mine, is to move back to California, where my parents are. My mother is battling early dementia, which is getting worse and worse and my father is basically her only caregiver and both are in their 70’s. My mother is riddled with arthritis and both of my parents are obese. I learned all of my eating and fitness (lack of) habits from them. I’ve been wanting to go home to help them with their weight, now that I have figured out what to do, hoping that I can help them. I know I can’t help my mother with her mind, but if I can help them lose weight and help my mom, then maybe the weight loss can help her get her knees operated on (due to the horrible arthritis)… she can hardly walk as it is.

Well, that has been a goal of mine for a few years now, but it’s so expensive to live in Southern California. Not to mention the cost of moving cross country from Northeast Pennsylvania and with us barely getting by now and then taking the job loss hit soon, well, we had to think of something and fast.

My husband came up with an idea that we both took to immediately. RV Living. Due to his age and him losing his job, we are going to use his 401K to buy an RV outright and a truck to pull it. Also, we’ll outfit the RV with solar panels. Then, we’ll move out of this house, which is financially killing us (two mortgages and a huge electric bill and oil bill).

We want to start up the blog again and the Extending Our Happily Ever After actually still fits as a great title to this lifestyle. We are starting this weekend to take each room of this house and sort through our belongings… we will SELL, DONATE, and TRASH all of our belongings til hardly anything is left. We only need what will fit into the RV.

We will document along the way. I have ideas of what I want our website to be once we are IN the RV, as I have been thinking about this non-stop for the past 6-8 weeks! lol Initially, our main focus is to get out of the house and save money. That’s our primary focus… We’ll still work full-time, so that we can actually keep saving money. Once we feel we can move to California, then we’ll make the trek cross-country and both of us hope to take time doing that, to actually enjoy the RV a bit and get a taste of the life that we are dreaming of. We have friends and family across the country that we’d like to visit and this is what we’d like to do, but once we end up in California, then we do hope to settle near my parents, although we’ll be living in parks that we may have to move from one to the other from time to time. Ivan will most likely get a full-time job for a while and I will either get a part-time job or a full-time job, depending on how I can be able to also fit in caring for my parents, which is my primary objective. We would like to end up full-time RV’ing and retiring early, if at all possible… that is our dream.

We looked at some RV’s and very early feelings are 26′, people are suggesting 5th wheel and a truck strong enough to haul it. We don’t want the mobile RV at all.

Ivan and I are still discussing getting a dog. I don’t want one and he does. I think “let’s just save money and they cost and plus, let’s just be free and not have any ties” (btw, we aren’t going to kill off the cats, when they are gone, though, we are not planning on replacing), so this is still an ongoing discussion. At the moment, he talked me into the 2nd cat and he’s been regretting it for years… so I am throwing that at him… his argument back to me “it’s probably because you wouldn’t let me get the dog”… ball in my court… “Probably?” Really? we are going to base a decision on “probably???” I think not! 😉

So, what do you think of our BIG PLANS???

Author: PennSmiths

We are Marie, 49, and Ivan,58. We used to live on the East Coast and are now living in Southern California. Marie grew up in Southern California and Ivan was born and raised in Kent, England. We met while playing a word game online and Ivan hopped over the pond to marry me. He says that he would have moved to the moon if that was where I resided! We plan on traveling out our days together when we retire... in an RV, but that won't be happening for a while. I have an amazing son, Christopher and he makes me so proud! Our site is www.extendingourhappilyeverafter.com

2 thoughts on “Our Plans – We Can’t Wait to Get Started!

  1. Sincere best wishes, Marie and Ivan! Ours is a wonderful lifestyle that I hope you experience. Your desire to care for your parents is admirable. Lynda

  2. Marie and Ivan,
    Thanks for following my blog. In reading yours I see you’re thinking of full-time RVing. We’ve been doing it for almost three years and love it. I always say, “We have a house in the mountains, a house at the beach, a house in the desert, a house in the National park…” because our home is with us wherever we go. Right now, our home is in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and tomorrow we’re heading to Lansing to Volksmarch the state capital, then off to Chelsea to meet up with cousins, aunts and uncles i haven’t seen since I was12 years old.

    If you’d like to know our story of “going on the road full time,” you can read my blogs from 2011.

    We wish you the best and hope you realize your dream.

    Susan and Bob

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