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Day 4 – 100 Day Challenge

I can’t seem to get my video uploaded to Giveit100.com/@Cinnamarie1 today, but will upload later when I am able.

Tomorrow is the weigh in day at my job, I am not sure what the scale will read, but I had a good week and I amped up my exercising.  Tonight, I did a five mega mile Leslie Sansone workout.
Food today was the Amla powder, lemon water, green tea and greek yogurt for breakfast.  Half a grapefruit for break.  A carrot with mint chutney and a salad with balsamic and green tea for lunch.  Half a grapefruit around three pm.  Another greek yogurt around four pm.  Dinner after workout was chicken, broccoli and tomatoes and green tea.  Lots of water and some triphala powder before bed.

Great day!  We are expecting a bitter, cold morning tomorrow… 20 below with the wind chill!  Brrr!  Already, there are school delays!

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Day 3 – 100 Day Challenge

Today went well… I ate ALOT.

Amla powder in the morning (Ayurvedic), then lemon water (17 DD), got to work, then some greek yogurt with some cinnamon, green tea (decaf), an apple, a carrot with a bit of mint chutney, a decaf mint tea, some salad (just greens and very little dressing), lunch was a bit of chicken with some roasted vegetables and a decaf green tea, another apple, a hard boiled egg, greek yogurt, then dinner was an egg white scramble with green beans, spinach and onion and a decaf green tea… having triphala powder before bed. Of course, water throughout.

I walked four miles with Leslie Sansone DVD tonight after work.

I was STUFFED, seemed like all I did was eat today… even though it was hardly any calories at all, it was just alot… so I’ll be scaling back tomorrow and just not eating as much.

This morning, scale showed 234. That’s 6 lbs down since Monday… however, I was 231.8 last Friday, but on Sunday, I cheated big time… and on Monday, that showed up on the scale as 240. I did not eat nearly 9 lbs of food, but I do tend to retain alot when I go off plan.

So, now there is what I did wrong on Sunday and any leftover retention that may be still there. Not sure…

There is a weight loss challenge at my job going on… Called the Slim to Win Challenge. I have 5 more weigh ins for that. First weigh in, I gained .4 lb This Friday, who knows. I started off at 231.4 and Friday was 231.8 and now? Maybe up 3 lbs, but I’m trying to get back down…

I’ve been perfect with my food since Monday morning.

Now, Saturday, we are headed into NYC for the day. I was planning on cheating, but I was also planning on walking, which is what we always do when we go there… so I’m not sure how bad it will be, we usually walk miles. I’m hoping it’ll balance out. We are headed there to visit with my nephew, whom I’ve not met before. He and his g/f are out from London! So excited to finally meet him and yet another member of my husband’s family!

I’ll post a few pics after the weekend, look for them on this site!

On other news, I’m about to look for new pants! My 18’s are way too big for me, my 16’s fit perfectly and my 14’s are snug but fit pretty well, if I keep my tops loose over them! LOL Only thing is, I only own one pair of 16’s and one pair of 14’s and they are odd color, so I need a black and maybe a brown pair to wear at work.

https://www.facebook.com/ExtendingOurHappilyEverAfter is my facebook page, if you’d like to keep up with me on facebook, too!  

http://www.giveit100.com is my video site to go along with my 100 Day Challenge

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Day 2 – 100 Day Challenge

Today I did all liquids. On all other days of the week, I am following the 17 Day Diet way of things, but I am looking into the Ayurvedic way of doing things a bit and it suggested one day a week of liquids. My husband works some nights and tonight is one of those nights, so it is a good night for me to do liquids and plus, tonight was my Toastmasters meeting, so even better… always hard for me to do dinner when I’m running home from work and right into a meeting.

I start my day with lemon water (17 DD) but add some Amla powder and water (Ayurvedic). 17 DD has me on green tea with every meal, so I keep that in there… and I do 2 fruits and veg with 17 DD, so I just have that in juice form for the liquids… but for the fruits, I have two juice, but no sugar and for vegetables, 1 V8, but low sodium. Lunch was broth, but the lowest sodium I could find and I found one with 3 protein, 2 cups of that equals 6 protein. Obviously, I drank water as well… and Ayurvedic says mint helps with weight loss, so I had a cup of decaf mint tea as well. Triphala powder with water before bed and that’s my day today. No exercise, not going to bother with hardly anything in me…

Tomorrow, back to 17 DD and protein, so I’ll exercise tomorrow night.

Tonight’s Toastmaster meeting went well, I was the timer, Wordmaster and Jokemaster. Always enjoy going to those meetings and seeing the fantastic group we have there. I haven’t given a speech in a while (I have a couple on You Tube)… I joined so I could get more comfortable with it, but I never really did. I want to be able to help people with weight loss, as that is my passion and when I talk about weight loss, I am comfortable with speaking… however, it was all the “other” speeches that I faltered with. The last speech I gave was at the speech contest where I competed, actually… I went three levels, first two with speech and three levels with Table Topics… so I was very proud of my progress, but the anxiety I felt has kept me from giving another speech within my home group ever since. Heaving a big sigh here… So, for now, I’m sticking with the Table Topics and the simple job of timer at the meetings.

Well, I’ll write more tomorrow. We are expecting a cold night and a bit more snow in the morning. It’s been a very bitter winter here thus far!

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Day 1 – 100 Day Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to a 100 Day Challenge… Lose weight, blog more and work on getting the rest of this weight off. Basically, I had lost 151.5 lbs… dropping from 380 lbs down to 228.5 lbs… but then I stopped and couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. I was exercising regularly… seemed to have my food under control and nothing was happening.

I got complacent and started easing from the exercising so much. From there, it was a slippery slope… and then the holidays hit. I had gained back 32.5 lbs!

Well, on January 2nd, I decided to focus again and since then, I’ve lost 30 lbs and I feel great! However, I’m just about where I was before and guess what? I’ve hit that same wall! Grrr!

So, now, I’m taking up this challenge. I’m also trying a few new things. I’m amping up the amount of vegetables in my diet. I’m getting back to the exercise and trying to keep up with it. I’m even trying Ayurvedic medicine and seeing where that takes me. It’s all natural and I’ve already delved into bits of it… Triphala and a detox tea (fennel seeds, coriander seeds and cumin seeds boiled with water, strained and drink the water throughout the day)… now I’m adding mint and amla in the mornings. Just little tweaks.

Check me out on Giveit100.com for my daily videos! My username is Cinnamarie1

See you tomorrow!