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New development…

I’ve been in a car accident.

I’m sin and a half weeks after my hip replacement surgery and from that I’m doing fine. Last Saturday, I returned to the lake and started walking again. Since last Saturday, I’ve walked the lake (3.5 miles) 5 times… Yesterday was the fifth and I was kind of sore… I walked with my son and two friends and my back was acting up and I was tired… made the comment that I might have been pushing it, so I said that today I was going to rest and not go to the lake… I dropped off a friend and was taking the other friend home, when we were going through an intersection and were hit by another vehicle. Luckily, the three of us (son in the back seat) were fine. THe other driver was fine as well. However, my car took it pretty hard. It was towed from the scene and I’m waiting to hear what the damage is… I am praying that it can be fixed… it was hit very hard.

As for injuries… we were hit on the front passenger side, so my friend felt the most impact… her leg started bruising at the accident and I spoke with her today and she is sore and her arm is scraped a bit where it hit the door. She didn’t mention much else except being sore. She says she’s ok. I have a bruise on my left thigh, where it hit the steering wheel, my left leg, where I think it hit the middle of the car and my chest where the seatbelt was… and I am a bit sore. My son has a slight seatbelt bruise on his chest as well, and a small bruise on his hip, I think also from seatbelt.. and that is all. None of us needed doctors yesterday and we all seem to think we don’t need any still… but we are watching it. I put in a call to my therapist and am waiting on a call back, but it’s the holiday weekend, and I have PT on Monday, so I’ll let them know them…

As for the car, it’s our only one, so I only hope and pray it’s able to be fixed and now I wait.

I am blessed that this isn’t worse than it could have been, but with that said, you still worry about the mess you are now dealt with.. ya know?

I’m due to go back to work a week from Wednesday.. I need to get my pc and desk back to where it was… then I should be able to post like I used to… I will get back to sleeping upstairs, not in this makeshift recovery bed that I’ve setup for myself downstairs… I have about a week to get things back to normal here at home.

My son is in another production… it moves into tech week today. Show starts on Thursday night. Finishes up next Sunday. His band camp starts up August 12th and that’ll be his official end to summer, then his official start to Junior year of high school and the businest year yet. BTW, took him with me to a physical therapy session and now he’s thinking of making it a career choice… not too shabby. Football season starts up soon and my Friday nights will be spoken for.

Thanks for keeping up with me… as you can see, life didn’t slow down at all, I was trying to keep up with my recovery, then bam… another bump in the road… Life is like that, isn’t it?