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Results are in… surgery is looming.

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I just got back from the Orthopedic surgeon… and well, I’m rejoicing… even though it’s HUGE news…

I am going to have a total hip replacement. And probably within 2 months.. or near there.

A few years back, I noticed that there was a pain in my leg… and really, no range of motion… noticeable when I try to put on my right sock. I just can’t do it very easily really… it’s one of my biggest struggles… My leg just doesn’t move that way… giving me access to my foot…

About 6-7 wks ago, I told my doctor that through all this weight loss, the limp I have has gotten more and more noticeable. It was always there, but EVERYONE notices it now. So, he ordered an MRI. It came back and he saw the degenerative arthritis I had… so had just about every doctor… but he thought he saw a tear… so he sent me to the surgeon.

Well, today was that visit… and he told me that the tear was the least of my worries… it was the arthritis that was really my issue. And it was HORRIFIC… it was all over the place. It was inevitable that I was going to have a hip replacement in my future… So, the only real question was “when?”. Well, I do NOT want to limp forever and truly, I’m at the peak of health now… as I’ve lost so much weight and I’ve been exercising so much since last April… and I’m young. So, why wait?

So, I start a month of physical therapy to prepare for the surgery on Monday… I see him again on May 22nd and all I know is that I’ve booked a walking tour in NYC on June 8th… so since I’ve paid for that, I’m probably going to want to book the surgery for just after that.

What I want to do is walk as much as I can til then. See what more weight I can lose before I’m in recovery mode and lying down… I’m going to read up on exercises I can do from bed! LOL I know they are out there. I will also work on my book and ask my job if I can work from home to save me having to go on disability. We’ll see what can be done to get through this…

Alot going on, but that’s the news I have… I’m actually rejoicing… I kind of never thought I’d get a “fix” and now I’m thrilled that I will! I may be able to dance again! How exciting is that???

Author: PennSmiths

We are Marie, 49, and Ivan,58. We used to live on the East Coast and are now living in Southern California. Marie grew up in Southern California and Ivan was born and raised in Kent, England. We met while playing a word game online and Ivan hopped over the pond to marry me. He says that he would have moved to the moon if that was where I resided! We plan on traveling out our days together when we retire... in an RV, but that won't be happening for a while. I have an amazing son, Christopher and he makes me so proud! Our site is www.extendingourhappilyeverafter.com

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