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It’s all in how you plan your day…

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Yesterday, my husband was packing up food to take to work and I was half paying attention to what he was doing… I noticed he cut up two apples and put some lemon on them to keep them from browning and put them in sandwich bags, then grabbed a hard boiled egg and then grabbed his yogurts and whatever else, then he asks me how many prunes are in a serving… and I answer “about 4 or 5” without thinking, then stop. “Why are you taking prunes? You already have your two fruit servings.” Then we get into a discussion on food… and here it goes… 

We’ve been following this diet for a year. An entire YEAR! How does he not understand that we get TWO fruit servings a day? I just don’t get that. lol He then tells me that he needs SOMETHING to keep him full. I’m like… PROTEIN! VEGETABLES! I’m not understanding what it is you aren’t understanding here. lol (we don’t really yell at each other….) It’s just that we bicker about the stupid stuff and he is like… “How is it that you take a smorgasboard to work every day and I take hardly anything with me?” and I’m like “It’s all in the planning, my love”… 

I, seriously, am like a cow… I graze ALL DAY LONG! LOL I think I eat something every hour of the day… and I’ve been losing weight all year long… I don’t have huge meals… or huge snacks… but I eat something all the time… carrot sticks, cut up chicken, a hard boiled egg, a yogurt, some prunes, drink some tea, drink some water… have two brazil nuts… whatever. I work, I eat, I drink, I get up to go to the bathroom, I repeat, I get up to fill my water bottle, oops, it’s my break time, I walk the stairs at work… then it’s time to munch again! LOL Next thing I know, it’s time to go home! LOL My days fly by! 

Ya know? I seriously try telling him, “If you’d only listen to your wife more often!” lol

Author: PennSmiths

We are Marie, 49, and Ivan,58. We used to live on the East Coast and are now living in Southern California. Marie grew up in Southern California and Ivan was born and raised in Kent, England. We met while playing a word game online and Ivan hopped over the pond to marry me. He says that he would have moved to the moon if that was where I resided! We plan on traveling out our days together when we retire... in an RV, but that won't be happening for a while. I have an amazing son, Christopher and he makes me so proud! Our site is www.extendingourhappilyeverafter.com

One thought on “It’s all in how you plan your day…

  1. Protein and vegetables. It works! And it focuses on what you can eat and not what you can’t eat. I love greek yogurt and quinoa, which are great sources of protein. Congrats on the weight loss!

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