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New to WordPress and I’m just going to ask here…

I’m so new to wordpress, how do I get my name when commenting or replying to have a pic next to my name. I tried that gravatar thing last night but nothing happened. I see alot of you have little boxes next to your names when commenting. I am a new blogger here, so please be patient with me, I’m learning, but I’m a very quick study. I’m working during the day and coming home and spending a bit more time every night after exercising and eating healthy… sitting down and trying to figure out a few more things… any direction offered would be greatly appreciated. I did dig a bit and found the dashboard thing last night and that helped, so you may see my page change ALOT in the next few days until I get it looking the way I want it to.

Thank you!

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It’s just a number on the scale…

I have struggled with my weight most of my life, but there did come a time when I had a period of what some would call a fairly “normal” weight.  I had kept that weight off for a few years and had dated and enjoyed what came with being what society considered “attractive and acceptable”.  It was this time in my life when I gained self confidence.  I had never had it before (in my teens and earlier).  I had pretty much the low self esteem that I see on tv with every heavy person’s story, or what I read in magazines or books.  

Well, when I gained back the 100 lbs I had lost to get to that desirable weight, plus gained 100 lbs more, I had actually kept that self confidence.  At near 400 lbs, I was very comfortable in my own skin.  I never let the number on the scale define the person that I was.  

I’d have friends tell me that when they first met me, the first thing they noticed was my size, but then they quickly saw beyond that and then it wasn’t my size they saw.  It was me.  I wasn’t that heavy person who never wanted to be seen.  I refused to NOT be seen!  In fact, I LOVE being the center of attention.  Always have.  I’ve always been sad for my friends with low self esteem, because I do remember what it felt like… I haven’t felt it since I was in high school, some 30’ish years ago, but I remember.  It’s not a great feeling.  I don’t know how to teach self esteem.  I wish I did.  

What I do know is that the number on the scale does NOT define who we are.  I really wish that more people understood that.  We are much more than that number!  

One thing I realized and wish I could explain is that the confidence is something others are drawn to.  It truly does make one more personable.  When I lost the weight, I remember telling my Aunt… “Why are people treating me different?  I’m the same person!” and she replied with “You are NOT the same person.  You are MUCH more confident, you are much more happy, and it shines through.”  

I had to mull that over for a while… While I felt that I hadn’t changed at all.  I truly had.  Once I made that realization, I then realized how much more approachable I had become to the people around me.  It was interesting.  

Any thoughts?

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

I’ve been drinking warm lemon water in the morning ever since I made the decision to get healthy… I swear by it.  I think it’s truly helping with the weight loss.  Not only the weight loss, but my skin has improved in it’s appearance drastically!  I no longer have that break out zone!  Plus, my skin glows.  I love everything about it.  I actually use the lemon juice as opposed to the fresh lemons.  I’m probably just lazy, but I feel it still works unbelievably well. 

Have any of you been drinking the lemon water?  What are you thoughts on drinking this in the mornings?  I’ve included the link to an article on the health benefits of drinking the warm lemon water in the mornings.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

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Marie’s Talk with herself (She’s sounding pretty smart in this)…

This was written by myself back in March of 2012, when I first started on my journey… I thought I’d post it as I’m just starting this blog and it’ll be a good reminder of where I came from and also a great motivator for anyone just coming to this blog for the first time, who may want a kicking off point)… 


I am posting this so that I can read it over and over and just when I feel down and defeated… over again and hope that it makes me THINK hard!

 I’ve tried plans most of my adult life…  and the fact that I’m here and starting the 17 Day Diet at age 44 and at near my highest weight ever… it just means that I’ve QUIT each and every one of those times.

 For me, I get to the point where I feel that it’s coming off so slowly that it won’t matter if I go off for a day or so… as I can jump right back on and then continue losing it.. but I never do get back on track… All those wasted years… 

 Well, let’s just think this through.  WORST case scenario… I don’t LOSE anything for every single day I’m on a “plan”… well… at least I’m eating healthier and if I’d have stuck with THOSE diets, I’d not be 100 lbs more than I was then!  

 OR… maybe I’m losing SUPER slow….  (1 lb a week).  Well, multiply that by 52 weeks and what do you know?  I’m down 52 lbs by this time next year.  I’ll TAKE IT!

 Let’s say I’ve lost say 7 lbs a month… doesn’t seem fast enough for me at all… BUT.. 7 x 12 is 84 lbs… now, I’m almost 1/2 way to goal… WOW… to think that in 2 yrs I can be at GOAL???  That definitely isn’t the path I’ve been on til now, but I truly want to be on that path!

 Marie… breathe.  Believe in yourself.  You CAN do this and it doesn’t matter how fast you do it… just that you DO IT.  Do NOT give up.  Enjoy that in a year you’ll have lost a considerable amount of weight and that for the first time in years, you are closer to seeing the goal you have been striving for.  I believe in you!

What a difference a decision has made…


Since March 19th, 2012 We’ve lost 195 lbs!

This is my husband, Ivan and myself. I’m Marie. We’ve been happily married since 2002. We met online and fell in love (say awwwww!) lol He’s a British man! So, EVERYONE here in America is sooooo impressed with his accent. It’s really quite funny! I don’t quite hear it anymore, neither does my son. Anyway, he and I met and fell in love, married and settled into a lovely life filled with lots of laughter. We do love to eat as well! Our weight was a very big issue and one we battled on a daily basis. We tried diets and failed them… together. Ivan is a meat and potato man and I’m a polite eater. I just eat whatever is put in front of me. Isn’t that polite of me?

Anyway, we climbed up to 377 lbs for me and 284.5 for him (we were probably bigger than that, but when we finally chose to take control of this once and for all, that’s what we weighed in at). I was always on the lookout for a diet that seemed like it would work for us. Found the 17 Day Diet by Dr Mike Moreno in a magazine. It seemed very well balanced. We started it and never looked back. Obviously it’s been quite successful for us or we’ve been very successful on it? Whichever way you look at it, it worked! Another thing happened. It changed how we felt about food. Isn’t that what a diet is supposed to do? Stop becoming a diet and become a lifestyle? That’s what this did for us… and within about two weeks. Seriously!

I had lost about 36 lbs before I even started adding exercise into the mix… and when I did, I chose walking. I had remembered from when I was in Weight Watchers that several people loved using Leslie Sansone Walking Tapes. Lo Impact (I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back and right hip) was the choice for me, plus it seemed the logical choice, as I have no equipment, no gym membership and live in Northeast Pennsylvania where winters last sometimes up to 5-6 months out of the year and I didn’t want to have weather derail a choice of outdoor walking. So, if I chose an indoor exercise plan, then nothing would take me away from that. Smart, huh? I’m no dummy! I have been exercising ever since… 4-5 days a week anywhere from 3-5 miles a day. I’m now starting to add stretching and toning exercises into the mix as well.

I’ve also decided to start a blog as I have been inspiring alot of friends with my weight loss and wanted to share all the things I’ve learned along my journey in the hopes of inspiring and motivating others. I love helping others find the joy of losing weight and getting healthy, too. I feel that I’ve been wearing a permanent smile on my face since March and I feel great. I have truly enjoyed the journey so far and it’s been great getting healthy with the love of my life.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hope you come back and I promise to bring you as much information as I can that I hope will help you along your path to a healthy life as well. It’s all a learning experience and I’m learning more each and every day, myself!